Postman Article

In his writing, Postman believes that children were once like miniature adults, but are no longer considered so in this day in age, which was the 1990s when he wrote it. He uses examples of how kids were once surrounded by adults and were forced to act like adults and not given the chance to be with children their own age. In turn, there wasn’t much “adolescence.”
I found Postman’s arguments somewhat persuasive. I felt that Postman did use too many ancient examples when he could have used more recent examples from the late 1980s & early 1990s. It would help if he used some comparisons to when many of the readers were younger.
I did not agree with what Postman wrote in regards to TV being such a factor into splitting kids from adults. The fact that kids are in schools today instead of working is the bigger factor. Kids are with kids their own age to interact with, something that was very uncommon in the past.
I think the subsequent developments in communication media and technology help support Postman’s position on the issue. Kids seem to be having less and less in person communication like the olden days he mentioned. When I was younger, TV / Movie watching was seldom done when friends came over, however exceptions were made, such as sporting events. Many of us did not have cell phones, so we had to call their home numbers, which many families do not have nowadays. Kids nowadays are also all competing to see who can grow up first and who can be the most connected on the internet.